Montgomery & Bucks County, PA

Tree Care Tips

A walnut leaf demonstrating signs of anthracnose in Chalfont, PA

Jun 7 2024

Pests & Diseases

How to Prevent Anthracnose in Eastern Pennsylvania Trees

Anthracnose is a common fungal disease that affects many trees in eastern PA. Learn how to identify and prevent anthracnose with our comprehensive guide.
A tree in full bloom thanks to proper care and fertilization.

May 28 2024

Tree Care

Seasonal Fertilization to Keep Your Trees Looking Beautiful Year-Round

Fertilization can help or harm your trees depending on the time of year, its nutrient needs, how it’s applied, and more. Learn the ins and outs of seasonal fertilization for trees to keep the look-ing their best.
healthy apple tree in a suburban garden in Montgomeryville, PA.

Apr 24 2024

Pests & Diseases

Fire Blight in Eastern Pennsylvania: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Fire blight is a lethal disease that commonly infects apple and pear trees in eastern PA. Discover the best ways to prevent its spread and treat infected trees.
Powdery mildew symptoms on an oak tree in Pennsylvania.

Mar 21 2024

Pests & Diseases

Powdery Mildew on Trees and Shrubs in Eastern PA: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Powdery mildew is a common fungal disease that disfigures, weakens, and even kills trees and shrubs in eastern PA. Discover how to identify, prevent, and treat this destructive disease.
A vibrant apple tree laden with ripe, unblemished fruit under a clear blue sky, showcasing healthy leaves and branches.

Feb 21 2024

Pests & Diseases

Apple Scab Prevention for Backyard Trees

This guide will walk you through how to spot the signs of apple scab, understand what causes it, and most importantly, how to stop it before it starts. With a focus on the right care at the right time, especially in the spring, we'll show you how to keep your apple trees healthy and productive.
A fallen tree on top of a house.

Jan 31 2024

Tree Care

Hazardous Tree FAQs: What to Know About Dangerous Trees

If you worry about the risk of hazardous trees on your property, this guide will answer all your questions and give you the knowledge and resources to keep your home safe.
Pennsylvania native trees, willow oaks, grow in a park.

Dec 18 2023

Tree Care

Protecting Pennsylvania’s Native Trees

If you’re a property owner passionate about the environment, it’s essential to understand native trees considered protected species in Pennsylvania. These aren't just beautiful elements in our landscape; they are crucial to our ecosystem.
A Clauser Tree Care employee uses a ladder and pole pruner to prune an evergreen tree in Pennsylvania.

Nov 15 2023

Tree Care

The Best Times to Prune Pennsylvania Trees

Uncover the surprising truth about year-round tree pruning in Pennsylvania and keep your outdoor space looking stunning all year long. We cover the best times to prune, things to consider when planning tree pruning, and more.
A group of green, round boxwood leaves dusted with winter frost.

Oct 11 2023

Tree Care

Tree Anti-Desiccants: Staying Hydrated All Winter Long

Discover the secret to keeping your trees hydrated all winter long with anti-desiccants. Say goodbye to dry and unhealthy Pennsylvania trees!
A cluster of dry, brown pine needles like these is often a sign of a dying tree.

Sep 21 2023

Tree Care

7 Signs of a Dying Tree and 7 Things You Can Do About It

Is your Pennsylvania tree dying? Recognize the signs of an unhealthy tree and discover the things you can do to make it thrive again. Learn more now!
Section of eastern hemlock tree branch with its needles covered with the adelgid’s woolly secretion.

Aug 16 2023

Pests & Diseases

Pennsylvania Hemlocks: Battle Against Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

The hemlock woolly adelgid is an insect pest killing up to 80% of hemlock trees in some areas. Learn what Pennsylvania is doing to stop the attack.
A large caterpillar tent is spiraled around conifer branches against a deep blue sky.

Jul 19 2023

Pests & Diseases

5 Leaf-Eating Insects and the Damage They Cause in PA

Pennsylvania is under attack by a host of leaf-eating insect pests that can hurt your trees. Fighting them starts with identification.