Montgomery & Bucks County, PA

Tree Care Tips

An adult spotted lanternfly with wings spread out rests on a tree in Pennsylvania.

Apr 27 2023

Pests & Diseases

Spotted Lanternfly – Pest Profile & FAQs

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive pest causing damage to trees and landscapes across Pennsylvania. Learn how to identify its many stages and limit the harm it does on your property.
Trees that were overly pruned or "topped," with the entire top of the trees cut off.

Mar 30 2023

Tree Care

Tree Topping – Just Don’t Do It

Tree topping is commonly done and may seem to be an efficient way to reduce the size of a tree. Unfortunately, it has severe unintended consequences that put your tree and surrounding structures at risk. Learn why tree topping is NOT an acceptable pruning practice.
Clauser Tree uses a tree crane to remove a dead tree.

Mar 30 2023

Tree Removal

Dead Tree Removal: What You Need to Know

Dead and dying trees can be a dangerous hazard. Be proactive! Don't wait for your trees to decline.

Dec 18 2022

Pests & Diseases

Emerald Ash Borer – Get Your Trees Protected

This invasive pest, first discovered in Bucks and Montgomery Counties in 2012, kills ash trees within 1 to 2 years of infestation. Without protective treatments, ash trees will die (it's not "if" but "when").