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Caring for your trees shouldn’t be hard. We’re here to make it as easy as possible!

Serving Montgomery & Bucks Counties for More Than 25 Years

All of the hard-working team members at Clauser Tree Care strive for client satisfaction.  From who you talk to on the phone in our office, to our courteous and experienced work crews who provide your service. Our job is simply not done until you are pleased with the experience that you have had working with our company. Founded on hard work and good principles, we strive for a higher standard of care for a greener future.

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We're Clauser Tree Care - A Different Kind of Tree Care Company



100% committed to making your trees as safe, healthy, and beautiful as they possibly can be.



We love trees! That’s what gives us the energy and enthusiasm to handle every project with the greatest of care.



What do you really want for your trees and property? We listen hard to understand exactly what you need.

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The more you know about your trees, the better decisions you can make. Questions? Just ask us!

The Most Reliable Team in the Business

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We have well-trained and personable employees, and we adhere to industry standards for safety, professionalism, and dedication to ethics and quality.

We use only the finest state-of-the-art materials and techniques, and our equipment is second to none.

These factors combine to make Clauser Tree Care your first choice for quality, tree & shrub care.

5 Advantages to Hiring Clauser Tree Care

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    We Remove Hazardous Trees

    If a tree on your property is dead or diseased and you don’t know it, it could be a very hazardous situation for you in a storm.

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    We Offer Complete Maintenance Programs

    Have Clauser Tree Care help you keep your property beautiful with our complete maintenance programs. With this peace of mind, you can rest assured that your property is healthy and attractive for the long term.

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    We Prune Problem Areas

    Prune dangerous limbs away from your house, driveways, walkways, play areas, and pools. Thinning tree canopies and removing deadwood from your trees will reduce the weight and reduce the potential risk of damage during a storm.

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    We Provide Tree and Shrub Health Care

    Let our specialists examine your property to determine whether your trees and shrubs have become victims of disease and infestation. We will diagnose the issue and create a customized management plan for your property to repair and/or prevent damage to your trees and shrubs.

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    We Install Tree Cables

    Cables for your trees create a safe environment. They support poor branch structure and weak connections, and can extend the life of your trees, reducing the risk of failure.

From start to finish, Clauser Tree Care exceeded my expectations. Availability and details of the job were communicated clearly, efficiently and timely.

Nick M.

We took 3 quotes from surrounding areas and Clauser was most responsive AND most affordable. They sent someone out to see our trees, they wrote up a reasonable assessment and said they'd call to follow up. And they did! They were actually able to fit us in sooner and I appreciated the punctuality.

I'd definitely go with Clauser again, they do what they say they will when they say they'll do it.

Erica M.

There aren’t enough words to express how happy I am with Clauser Tree Care. I have been seeing this company do work in my community and was always in awe of their work. I finally hired last week to remove a tree, and do trimming and pruning around my house and was very pleased.

Thank you Clauser Tree Care! You’ve gained a returning customer!

Karen P.