Dead Tree Removal: What You Need to Know

Though it’s not something homeowners look forward to, most of us will be faced at some point with making a decision about whether or not to remove a tree on our property.

Sometimes, the decision is relatively simple. For example, tree removal is often the best solution for dealing with:

  • trees that are too large for their space
  • trees whose branches are encroaching on utilities
  • unhealthy or heavily infested trees that are unlikely to be saved with tree health treatments
  • trees in the way of new construction

Whatever the reason you need to remove a tree in the Chalfont, Pennsylvania area, it’s a good idea to remove the tree while it’s still alive. Taking care of the tree removal before it’s completely dead will save you money and is a safer option overall for both you and your tree service company. And remember, removing a dead tree is not something you want to do yourself (find out why below).
The Clauser Tree Care arborists using a crane to remove dead trees from a Pennsylvania property.

Removing a Dead Tree is Expensive

If you have an unhealthy tree that seems to be in decline, have it assessed by a certified arborist rather than waiting to see what happens. If your arborist discovers that the tree is dying, you’ll save money by cutting it down and disposing of it before it dies.

The process of removing a living tree is safer and often quicker than dealing with a dead tree. Dead tree removal often requires specialized equipment and additional manpower, adding significantly to the final cost of tree removal.

Dead Tree Removal is Dangerous

A major reason to remove a tree while it’s still alive has to do with safety. Dying trees can become a liability for you and your property. They are also dangerous to remove and create a real hazard for you, your family, your neighbors, and your pets – not to mention the tree professionals themselves! While some trees present a greater risk than others (the ash tree, for example, is highly brittle when it has succumbed to emerald ash borer), all dead trees carry risk when it comes to removal.

Dead Trees are a Safety Hazard

Dead trees in a densely populated area create an immediate danger. Falling branches can easily damage property or hurt people. These trees are also at risk of falling over and could take out utility lines.

In addition to these hazards, many insurance policies consider dead trees a liability and won’t cover an accident involving one on your property. This is something most homeowners never even consider, so make sure you’re up-to-date on what’s actually covered by your policy!

Brittle ash trees that died from emerald ash borer in Pennsylvania.

You may have noticed many dead trees growing along roadsides and on private property. These are most likely ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer. Dead ash trees are extremely brittle and cannot be safely climbed; tree service companies will use a crane for dead ash tree removal.

Removing Dead Trees is Dangerous Work

Dead tree removal is a more involved process than removing a live tree. Fragile, dead trees are a hazard for climbers and some of them are completely unclimbable! In these cases, your tree service company will need to use a crane for safe and effective removal.

The professional team at Clauser Tree Care is well-trained and highly-skilled in the art of using cranes for dangerous tree work, whether the trees are dead or alive.

Removing living trees (or removing trees at the earliest signs of irreversible decline) increases safety and assures the job can be done efficiently and effectively without added risk.

It should also go without saying that this risk applies to you. Dead tree removal should never be taken on as a DIY project. If you don’t believe it, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 100 civilians die from falling trees every year.

The Clauser Tree Care team including a climber, ground crew, and arborist, work on a dead tree removal on a Pennsylvania residential property.

Dead tree removal nearly always requires a crane to assist climbers and safely move tree parts to a staging area where they can be fed into a chipper or loaded onto a log truck.

Call on Clauser Tree Care for Dead Tree Removal

Do you need help removing a dead or dying tree in our Montgomery & Bucks Counties service area? Clauser Tree Cares about trees and provides the most reliable work in the business. Contact us for a free estimate, and let us take care of your dead tree removal safely and efficiently before it becomes a bigger problem.

And remember, whenever possible, it’s best to cut down a tree BEFORE it dies.

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